Horários Escolares pelo Mundo (Secundário)

Uma espreitadela a dois horários de 10º ano na Alemanha:

H Alemanha10bH Alemanha10

Agora o caso de Leeds, de que não interessa apenas o horário mas o que é dito em seguida e que constitui uma forma muito diferente de encarar o currículo que implica mais mudanças mentais do que quaisquer outras.

H LeedsH Leeds1

She (Anna) has a 10-day cycle of classes, five periods per day, each lasting one hour. It is up to the teacher to dismiss students from class early enough for them to get to the next class on time. The daily “PM Registration” time is equivalent to a US “homeroom”, but Anna says clubs often meet during this time or it can be a time to take care of other school business.

And what are these gaps in the schedule where she has free periods? Who is watching her? …No one. She can go to the library, or the common room (which she has not noticed any staff member supervising, although administrative offices are nearby.) Or she can check herself out and walk home or into town (which she can also do during lunch.) It seems that the UK system treats a 16-year-old as a young adult, while 16-year-olds in the US are treated the same as much younger students.

Anna was allowed to choose all of her classes. Note that she is taking only 4 courses: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and History. No courses are required, but students must choose their coursework carefully. Students work to prepare for A level qualifying exams. When they apply to university, they apply to a specific college course and will only be accepted into that field of study if they have earned the proper qualifications at A levels.

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