Ler a imprensa americana, mesmo alguma mais conservadora, a tentar compreender a vitória de Trump é um exercício algo estéril, pois parece que continua uma incompreensão fundamental: Trump venceu por causa da incapacidade da maioria dos que se lhe opunham entenderem que foram eles os causadores do fenómeno, ao deixarem-se atascar numa prática política em circuito fechado, endogâmica e cada vez mais presa por uma força centrípeta. Trump surge quando as opções disponíveis estão ao nível dos painéis de comentário político com rangéis&assis a serem apresentados como alternativas ou os rios a fazerem primeiras páginas como se fossem mais do que testas de ferro de balsemões, uma espécie de dupont para suceder ao dupond que temos. A principal causa da vitória de Trump chama-se Hillary Clinton e a sua incapacidade para perceber que os apoiantes de Bernie Sanders também conta(va)m.


3 thoughts on “Schocking?

  1. Trump’s election provides a powerful reminder that in America the people hold the ultimate authority. Just by voting they can order wholesale changes, as rural residents and whites without a college education did Tuesday in unexpected large numbers. A surprisingly large minority of Latinos also chose Trump, overcoming any revulsion at his racist attacks on their ancestors and undocumented neighbors.
    Over the same years, incomes among the top tenth of 1 percent grew so much—and tax laws were so generous to them—that many enjoy multiple mansions and a few own his-and-her private jets.
    Many in the vast majority are worse off now than in LBJ’s day because while their real incomes remained flat, their bills—for housing, cars, college tuition—kept rising. And fear spread as unions were weakened, manufacturing required fewer workers, and all jobs became less secure, with fewer health and retirement benefits except for top executives. While food banks did not exist until 1967, today the greatest increase in requests for help at these banks comes from working families with children.
    I understand this frustration. For more than two decades I have documented inequality. I have also explained the role of myriad government policies that subtly take from the many and give to the rich few, including Donald Trump.
    These Americans were so fed up with politicians growing rich while worsening their plight that they embraced an erratic personality with no history of public service.
    These voters were so desperate, so fearful about the future, that they naïvely trusted Trump when he said he cares about them.
    These voters forgot, or did not listen, when Trump repeatedly said wages are too high. Trump is no friend of people seeking higher pay.
    Few of these voters, I suspect, know of his long history of not paying his bills, resulting in layoffs of people like themselves as small businesses struggled with paying for goods they supplied, having not gotten payment in full for those goods from Trump.
    Very few know that throughout his life Trump has embraced violent felons, Mafiosi, Russian mobsters, con artists, and most important of all a major cocaine trafficker. But while overseas television covered this extensively, not one word was spoken on ABC, CBS, NBC, or PBS about the candidate’s deep and lucrative criminal connections.
    David Cay Johnston, The Daily Beast


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