Desigualdade Digital (Ou Como lhe Queiram Chamar)

What is Digital Gap

New forms of social inequality derived from the unequal access to the new information communications technologies, by gender, territory, social class, and so forth. Learn more in: The Digital Divide in Education in the Knowledge Society
The digital gap and exclusion in the use of the new media technologies. The reasons of this difference can be due to geographical, economic, cultural, cognitive, or generational gap, but in any situation the result is the same: Internet remains a precious way of acquiring and exchanging information, but not so pervasive as mobile and televisions, which can consequently contribute to reduce the gapLearn more in: Accessibility, Usability, and Functionality in T-Government Services

Digital Divide: The Technology Gap between the Rich and Poor

Even as technology becomes more affordable and internet access seems increasingly ubiquitous, a “digital divide” between rich and poor remains. The rich and educated are still more likely than others to have good access to digital resources according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The digital divide has especially far-reaching consequences when it comes to education. For children in low-income school districts, inadequate access to technology can hinder them from learning the tech skills that are crucial to success in today’s economy.

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