Os Fracassos da Avaliação Docente Lá Por Fora

Os nossos reformadores automáticos (acantonados em especial no Observador) que tanto clamam pela revisão da avaliação dos professores talvez possam ter alguns ganhos em ler coisas em que se estudam as coisas com alguma profundidade. Não sejam mst’s:

Improving Teaching Effectiveness: Final Report

The Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching Through 2015–2016


  • Overall, however, the initiative did not achieve its goals for student achievement or graduation, particularly for LIM students.

  • With minor exceptions, by 2014–2015, student achievement, access to effective teaching, and dropout rates were not dramatically better than they were for similar sites that did not participate in the Intensive Partnerships initiative.

  • There are several possible reasons that the initiative failed to produce the desired dramatic improvement in outcomes across all years: incomplete implementation of the key policies and practices; the influence of external factors, such as state-level policy changes during the Intensive Partnerships initiative; insufficient time for effects to appear; a flawed theory of action; or a combination of these factors.

‘An Expensive Experiment’: Gates Teacher-Effectiveness Program Shows No Gains for Students

Gates Sponsored Teacher Evaluation Reform Discredited by Rand Study

The new teacher evaluation system sponsored by the Gates Foundation and the Obama Race to the Top grants included basing teacher evaluations on student test scores and intensive observation of teachers using a strict rubric for teaching methods. The end result would supposedly identify the highly effective teachers as well as the ineffective ones. Then, teachers could be fired or awarded merit pay based upon their ranking in the evaluation system. Some reformers had theorized that such a system would dramatically improve student academic performance. There was even a theory that low performing students could be brought up to grade level performance by being exposed to highly effective teachers for only three successive years. It was believed that socioeconomic factors affecting student performance could be ignored by just fixing the teachers. These theories have now been proven wrong. Scapegoating teachers for problems of society just does not work, but it does drive good teachers out of the profession, and discourages bright young persons from entering the profession. Result: a serious teacher shortage.



3 thoughts on “Os Fracassos da Avaliação Docente Lá Por Fora

  1. Paulo, estes artigos deveriam ser de leitura obrigatória para MST e “compagnons de route”. Podes enviar-lhos, não? Bem, já estão tão formatados… mas nunca se sabe.


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