O Nosso Tempo

E o mais importante para mim… que essas pausas sejam em ambiente calmo, não com o ruído ambiente em níveis insuportáveis. No meu caso, por “administradores” penso mesmo nos teorizadores (arianas, matiasalves, cert@s director@s que podem fechar a porta do seu gabinete quando acham por bem, secretários de gabinete e motorista à porta para as digressões) que consideram que os intervalos e tempos não ocupados em aulas devem ser só para planificar, cooperar, avaliar, balancear e todo o raio que os parta.

Dear School Administrators, Please Stop Taking Away Teacher Planning Periods

Dear School Administrators,

I realize that it’s been a while since you’ve been in the classroom, and you may have forgotten the sacred nature of teacher planning time. You’ve most likely buried the memory of having only 20–30 minutes of free time during the day. You know, the time used to plan lessons, go to the bathroom, eat lunch, call parents, cry if you need to, and clean out your inbox.

So I’m writing to remind you that teacher planning time is our lifeline to surviving the teaching day. Taking it away is like draining the oxygen from our lungs. When it’s stolen regularly, oxygen depletion settles in, and you’ll find yourself with frazzled, fatigued, and frustrated teachers.

As teachers, we feel disrespected when you take this time from us. It communicates that you don’t think we have anything better to do or that this time is optional—which it isn’t. Maybe if you knew how much this planning time contributed to the quality of our teaching, student assessment, professional development, relationships, extracurricular participation, and personal health, you’d feel differently about asking us to skip it or cut it short. Here are some of the vital reasons we need this time.


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