A História (Lá Fora)

Fewer Students Are Majoring in History, But We’re Asking the Wrong Questions About Why


Commentators have asserted that economics are driving this trend. Since the recession of 2008, the conventional wisdom goes, students and parents are exercising cost-benefit analyses when it comes to higher education, determining that the high costs of attending college necessitate pursuing degrees with higher earnings potential upon graduation. In response, some universities have undertaken cost-benefit analyses of their own. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point plans to eliminate its history major. Other schools have reduced funding and eliminated positions.

Mas nem todos por lá são como os flexibilizadores costistas de cá:

First and foremost, we should not mistake the headline for the entire story. Despite the downturn in undergraduate enrollments, history as a discipline remains vibrant in many respects.

At Yale University, history is the top major among its the class of 2019. At the graduate level, public history — a field focused on communicating the subject to a non-academic audience — is blossoming, with more than 150 Masters programs nationwide. The number of new history PhDs has increased steadily over the past 30 years. And history majors get hired for numerous jobs in numerous sectors, earning good salaries in the process.


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