Com algumas propostas de plataformas (em especial para usar com alunos que dominem o inglês) que desconhecia.

Please Stop Teaching Like Everything is Normal

As I sit at home with my 5 1/2 year-old and 2 year-old attempting to figure out some kind of routine and manage my own anxieties, I have been struggling not to cringe as I watch the entire country turn educating kids into a huge social and technological experiment.

The approaches range widely, with some schools and districts switching entirely online, requiring students to submit work for a grade and running daily Zoom “classes” for kids as young as elementary, and some districts, like mine here in Philadelphia, directing teachers not to teach online at all due to FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) law and instead providing families with enrichment materials.

Before all of this, a common buzz phrase was “trauma-informed teaching.” For all of the buzz, I have not seen a lot of these specific conversations happening (please prove me wrong). Yes, kids need structure (although, I’m learning that schedules are not for all kids—raises hand) and yes, kids need something to do that feels normal. However, in talking with my students this week through Hangout, the ambiguity of the work they are being given and the potential for it to count later is stressful. The difficulty teachers can have trying to address kids’ individual needs digitally (especially students with IEPs or our ELL population) are also stressful. Students are also finding it hard to focus as things as they watch the SAT they registered for be canceled, as they follow events on social media, are distanced from their friends, feel the stress of their parents, worry about how/if they will graduate or if they will get to wear the prom dress or suit they were so excited to wear.

We have kids whose family members are working in healthcare and at grocery stores who are directly on the front lines. There are kids with parents or other family members with compromised immune systems, or whose own immune systems are compromised. We have families where a parent has lost a job, and families where there is not enough food on the table. Even for families without these issues, often both parents are working from home and trying to balance their own jobs and their kids. Single parent homes are struggling to balance caregiving, remote work, or going to work and attempting to find child care. These are not normal times. Trauma abounds.



One thought on “Interessante

  1. O problema das plataformas é que os 2 intervenientes tem de as dominar e brincar com elas algumas vezes por semana.

    A pergunta que se coloca é, os alunos sabem interagir com elas?


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