Isto Já Foi Notícia Por Cá?

(parece que sim…)

RagnarLocker ransomware hits EDP energy giant, asks for €10M

Attackers using the Ragnar Locker ransomware have encrypted the systems of Portuguese multinational energy giant Energias de Portugal (EDP) and are now asking for a 1580 BTC ransom ($10.9M or €9.9M).

EDP Group is one of the largest European operators in the energy sector (gas and electricity) and the world’s 4th largest producer of wind energy.


Attackers threaten to leak 10 TB of stolen documents

During the attack, the Ragnar Locker ransomware operators claim to have stolen over 10 TB of sensitive company files and they are now threatening the company to leak all the stolen data unless the ransom is paid.

“We had downloaded more than 10TB of private information from EDP group servers,” a new post on Ragnarok’s leak site says.

“Below just a couple of files and screenshots from your network only as a proof of possession! At this moment current post is a temporary, but it could become a permanent page and also we will publish this Leak in Huge and famous journals and blogs, also we will notify all your clients, partners and competitors. So it’s depend on you make it confidential or public !”


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