Tenho Muitas Dúvidas E Poucas Certezas (Pelo Que Vou Espreitando O Que Pensam Lá Por Fora Sobre Tudo Isto)

Há situações em que de Abril para Junho não conseguimos avançar quase nada em termos de conhecimento do que se poderá passar.

Survey: Teachers favor moving on to next year’s content in the fall

Administrators, however, are more supportive of picking up instruction where it left off when school closures began.


The Complex Question of Reopening Schools


School Leaders Debate Solutions For an Uncertain 2020-21

Education leaders are laying out plans to reopen schools in the fall, but without the safety net of a vaccine, the school year looks unpredictable at best.

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Scottsdale schools begin planning next year’s education experience amid pandemic


With a lot of these decisions still up in the air, it’s become difficult for teachers to start preparing for next year in terms of their classroom plans. As an educator herself, Ms. Williams has experienced the difficulty of adapting to the online classroom and misses a lot of those human connections much like her students do as well.

“You can’t teach students if they don’t have a relational buy-in and that rapport,” she said.

Having those face-to-face connections makes both the teachers and the students feel better. Being online has made it more difficult to connect with each other; however, this upcoming semester would be even more so having never met these students in person before. After the last few weeks of school though, Ms. Williams is hopeful.

“We’re trying to take a look at what works and what doesn’t and how we can make things better if we have to go to an online model and go from there,” she said.

How will COVID-19 change our schools in the long run?