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O país teve os apertos orçamentais que se conhecem, tem muito menos casos confirmados e mortes por Covid-19 do que Portugal, mas parecem não estar a basear-se apenas no pensamento mágico no regresso às aulas para a semana (era para ter sido já ontem, mas por causa do aumento de casos foi adiado). Ao que parece, embora seja mais difícil em zonas urbanas, as turmas foram mantidas em 15-17 alunos nalgumas escolas, como aconteceu na reabertura durante o 3º período do ano lectivo anterior.

The anti-COVID measures envisioned by the ministry are wide-reaching and have been in preparation for months. For starters, all children and teachers will be forced to wear a mask while at school. The government has taken upon itself to provide personal protective equipment to all children and school staff as part of its prevention programme.

Furthermore, different classes will have their breaks at different times in order to limit contact and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Should even a single case in a school be detected, the entire establishment will be shut down and while the government performs contact tracing in order to prevent a massive outbreak.

Traduzido para inglês do site do Ministério da Educação e das Religiões da Grécia:

At the same time, the Minister referred to the completion of recruitment of substitute teachers and special education and support staff , earlier than in all recent years , to the simplification of procedures , so that teachers can take up service within the school and do not have to go to the Directorate of Education first. , which is often located in another area or another city as well as in the delivery of books to schools that has been done on time.

The Ms. Kerameus also described the design with respect to the strengthening of human resources education ” prioritizing staffing of schools : we completed the first in the country 4,500 permanent appointments of teachers and specialist teachers and support staff in Special Education , and we issued new temporary tables for permanent appointments in General Education , the basis for the 10,500 permanent appointments to be completed. “

The Minister emphasized that: ” the use of the mask becomes mandatory in all indoor spaces, and outside where there is synergy as well as in the means of transporting students , while we place special emphasis on education from Kindergarten to the third grade. The government provides free masks to all students and teachers in public and private schools . “

As for the updated instructions as well as the categories of students who are excluded from the use of the mask, Ms. Kerameos said that they will be sent to schools as well as will be posted on the website of the Ministry of Education and Religions, while announcing that: “cooperation with Panhellenic Medical Association , at the base of which doctors will visit schools to explain the protection and prevention measures and of course the appropriate use of the mask “.

The Minister reiterated the strong recommendation for the use of an individual hermit crab provided free of charge to every primary, public and private school student. A measure to avoid the exchange of bottles, glasses, mouth contact with the tap, which, by reducing the use of plastic, also offers an environmentally friendly solution.

Finally, Ms. Kerameos recalled actions that have been approved to address and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including the following:

Additional funds over 100 million euros for the expansion of All-Day Kindergartens and Primary Schools , so that more children stay in school until 4pm and to limit the contact of children with vulnerable social groups (grandparents).

  • Hiring additional deputies to fill the gaps arising from the absence of teachers who are proven to belong to high-risk groups and to conduct exclusively distance learning courses (“online classes”).

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