A Ler


Lessons Learned from U.S. PK-12 Teachers During the COVID-impacted 2020-21 School Year


The primary message we heard from teachers is that they have not been valued as partners in designing our educational response to COVID. Specifically, the following three themes emerged from our interviews: 1.) exclusion from decision-making processes is demoralizing to teachers, especially when combined with worsening working conditions and widening inequalities; 2.) ignoring the concerns of teachers led to policymakers and school leaders advancing several seriously ill-considered ideas over the objections of practicing teachers; and 3.) teachers have developed a variety of effective instructional strategies in response to the challenging conditions of COVID. Delta is already disrupting school openings across the country. The school systems with the most effective approaches to pandemic schooling over the next year and beyond will be those that listen seriously to the concerns and insights of teachers and include them in design and decision-making.

2 opiniões sobre “A Ler

  1. Volto a interrogar(-me): o que se passa nas várias sociedades que as leva a seguirem a mesma cartilha? Falta-lhes o bom senso/empatia como escreve Martin Lindstrom no seu livro “O Ministério do Bom Senso”?
    Depois não querem que se fale da teoria da conspiração!


  2. Ainda da entrevista a Martin Lindstrom:

    ” (…) somos todos mais ou menos inseguros. Como é que resolvemos isso na escola ou no trabalho? Seguindo a tribo, para sermos aceites. A maioria encaixa na tribo, que nos vai dizer como devemos comportar-nos e nem ousamos questionar as regras. Porque se as questionarmos, estamos fodidos. Estas são as razões por que aceitamos regras estúpidas.”


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