Se Até Os Liberais Capitalistas Da Gallup E Da Harvard Business Review O Dizem…

Pensava que era só pelos meus lados, mas parece que não. Pelos vistos, @s alegrinh@s e pipilantes (que @s há, mesmo quando encenam cenho franzido) é que devem ter algo para nos explicar.

Stressed, Sad, and Anxious: A Snapshot of the Global Workforce

While some leaders may feel like things are beginning to return to normal, data from Gallup’s new State of the Global Workplace report suggests that the emotional side of work has not healed from the pressures of the last two years. Under the surface, people around the world are stressed and anxious: 44% of employees say they experienced stress a lot during the previous day.

These negative emotions are at a new high. In 2020, the world’s employees saw an increase in stress, worry, anger, and sadness. In 2021, worry, anger, and sadness remained above pre-pandemic levels, and stress continued to climb to a new high.

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