Conteúdo Sensível (Potencialmente Manipulado Pela Grande Conspiração Mediática Nazi-Capitalista-Imperialista Ocidental)

A few minutes before it became clear that women, children and elderly people were among the at least 39 dead and nearly 100 known to be injured when a missile struck the Kramatorsk train station in eastern Ukraine, Russian soldiers were bragging about the hit on Telegram.

The missile struck the main evacuation center in the area and seemed to herald the beginning of an intensified offensive that Russia warned was coming.

Minutes later, the messages, which included claims to have successfully obliterated “a crowd of Ukrainian militants at the Kramatorsk railway station,” were edited or disappeared altogether, according to several accounts by journalists in the region.

Lê Quem Quiser…

… e quem não andar a justificar tudo como invenção ou, em alternativa, como justificado por qualquer episódio mais ou menos remoto em que um antepassado remoto de um parente duvidoso do vizinho do porteiro da casa onde vive um funcionário do Kremlin foi importunado na sua sesta por um ucraniano bebedolas.

Collecting Bodies in Bucha