… quando para terem um seguro de saúde, tentaram que os professores da Virgínia Ocidental tivessem de usar Fitbits e cumprir metas para não serem multados. Embora as causas fossem muito além disso. E os professores tivessem de avançar para lá dos “acordos” feitos pelos seus “representantes”. E fizeram-no nos 55 condados. Independentemente do cheque ao fim do mês.

The West Virginia Teachers Strike Shows That Winning Big Requires Creating a Crisis

The strikers won all five of their demands by shutting down every public school in the state.


The teachers understood that to win, to not go down in the record books as another huge defeat, they had to stay on strike and escalate the crisis. They could not have achieved the victory without having the community firmly on their side. Educators, like health-care workers, have an incredibly powerful, organic relationship with their communities—relationships so strong they are durable against sophisticated right-wing attacks. The solidarity built in West Virginia was built in a strike that united the state against the power structure. The sooner the progressive movement understands that, to save our democracy, people must rebuild robust unions—that means a strong embrace of teachers and education and public-service workers—the sooner we all start winning.


(o problema é que por cá os ataques “sofisticados” não surgem apenas da “direita”… tantas vezes são bem mais “próximos”…)

Pelos EUA – Recursos

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Pois… Por Cá Vamos Nesse Caminho… Cantando E Rindo…

Mas é complicado que gente intolerante e ensimesmada se dê ao trabalho de tentar compreender os erros evidentes que outros já detectaram. Os “perfis” e “competências” para o “século XXI” podem estar apenas a prejudicar mais exactamente aqueles que se diz querer beneficiar com as pedagogias pretensamente “inclusivas” das soft skills.

Elementary Education Has Gone Terribly Wrong

In the early grades, U.S. schools value reading-comprehension skills over knowledge. The results are devastating, especially for poor kids.


All of which raises a disturbing question: What if the medicine we have been prescribing is only making matters worse, particularly for poor children? What if the best way to boost reading comprehension is not to drill kids on discrete skills but to teach them, as early as possible, the very things we’ve marginalized—including history, science, and other content that could build the knowledge and vocabulary they need to understand both written texts and the world around them?